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Nioh: How to Get the Crimson Master Armor


Nioh: How to Get the Crimson Master Armor

Fiery hot.

Crimson Master Armor – Nioh

The Crimson Master Armor is one of the better-looking armor sets in Nioh, and it’s a must-have for anyone looking to improve their samurai fashion. However, the armor set can’t simply be picked up or farmed from enemies in the game. Instead, players will have to have pre-ordered Nioh in order to receive the set.

To get the Crimson Master Armor, players have to have pre-ordered the game through the PlayStation Store or purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition. Alternatively, if you missed the pre-order period, purchasing the game within two weeks of its official launch from retailers will also grant you the armor set. If you’ve met the above requirements, but still haven’t gotten the armor, you might have to redeem it within the game itself.

Go to any shrine in the game and select the menu that says Boons. Here, the game will check your account for any DLC or pre-order items that you’re eligible for, and they’ll be sent to your inventory immediately. After that, you can equip it normally like any other armor set. Have fun with your new Crimson Master Armor set in Nioh!

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