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Nintendo Switch: How to Take Screenshots and Share Them


Nintendo Switch: How to Take Screenshots and Share Them

Screenshots – Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch will allow users to capture screens of their video game exploits as they play their games. To do so, simply press the capture button (it’s the square button located at the bottom of Joy-Con L). This will instantly snap whatever screen you’re on and save it. If you have yet to put more memory into your Nintendo Switch, all screenshots will automatically save to the system storage. If, however, you did happen to insert a Micro SD card, then all images will instead be saved there automatically.

When it comes to sharing the images you capture, there are currently no ways to connect to social media, something that will most likely be added in a future software update. But, since you are able to transfer screenshots to the expandable storage option, you will be able to remove that card and transfer them to your PC where you can do as you please with all the images you saved. This includes editing, emailing them to friends, posting them to social media, and whatever else it is you may want to do with them.

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