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Horizon Zero Dawn: All Vantage Point Cache Locations Guide


Horizon Zero Dawn: All Vantage Point Cache Locations Guide

All Vantage Point Cache Locations Guide – Horizon Zero Dawn

While Horizon Zero Dawn may be set in the future, there are still remnants of the past that can be found sprinkled throughout the world. Vantage Point Cache’s are one such item. These are data preserve from the ancient past, available at scenic points throughout the world. Therefore, not only are you making good progress towards that Platinum trophy by collecting them all, but you’ll also get to see some fantastic views while you’re at it.

There are 12 Vantage Point Caches to find in Horizon Zero Dawn, and all of these will require you to do a good bit of exploring of the map. Don’t be surprised if Aloy has to do a bit of climbing, either, as these often overlook the great plains of the world. While you can buy a map upgrade that will show you all Vantage Point Cache locations in Horizon Zero Dawn, we’ve provided detailed descriptions of where you can find each one if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned resources.

  • Air Combat Academy – From the Southern Embrace gate, head directly north until you hit a large hill. On the north side of this hill, on a ledge relatively high up, is the vantage point cache. Simply jump your way up to the ledge with X.
  • Colorado Springs – Just north of the Devil’s Thirst Tallneck, you’ll see a very rusted and old billboard. Behind this, you’ll find a yellow hold point that Aloy can grab onto to climb up. Follow this up and jump the gaps to find the Colorado Springs Vantage Point Cache looking out over the ruined debris.
  • Explorer Museum – Take the north path out of Devil’s Thirst bandit camp and when it splits by a large forest area, follow it west until you come to a bridge. You should see a stack on its own quite close to the path. Climb up it to get this Vantage Point Cache.
  • Eagle Canyon – On the road going south from Cut-Cliffs, you’ll see a jagged cliff on your right. It’s at the junction just north of Meridian Gate. Scale your way up to receive the Eagle Canyon Vantage Point Cache.
  • King’s Peak – Open your map and on the bulkier, western section of the map, you’ll see two narrow stretches of terrain that you can explore coming out of the top. Make your way up the right stretch, past the Glinthawks and Sawtooth and climb up the side of the cliff. When you’re at the top, hug the cliff side to your left and you’ll eventually see the chalk markings. Use these to ascend up the side of the cliff, and you’ll find the Vantage Point Cache at the top.
  • Denver Stadium – Make your way to Devil’s Grief and follow the path north east until you reach a building. Head into the south east corner of the building and use the hold points to begin scaling up the top of the building. Follow the holds and navigate a couple of jumps until you find yourself looking out of the north west side of the building. This Vantage Point can be obtained by pressing R3 here.
  • Bryce Orbital – Head south west from the Shattered Kiln bandit camp in the north west corner of the map. You’ll eventually come to a tall cliff near a Longleg site. Traverse up this craggy cliff side and walk over to the west side when you’re near the top. You should be able to see this Vantage Point Cache with the help of your Focus.
  • Faro Automated Solutions – Head south from Maker’s End at the very north west corner of the map and head south until you reach a Shell-Walker site. Keep heading south until you find a path leading up to the mountains. At the end of the path, you’ll come to a stack with markings indicating you can climb. Ascend this, moving up and around in an anti-clockwise direction until you reach the top to get this Vantage Point Cache.
  • Lake Powell – This Vantage Point Cache location is located on the peninsula jutting out to the south east of the Rustwash Tallneck on the west side of the map. You’ll need to get through Stormbirds to get to this on land, but if you’re clever, you can avoid this entirely. Head south from the Tallneck and slowly make your way down the cliff and into the water. Then, swim east until you hit this peninsula. All you need to do now is clamber up a few rocks, make your way across the yellow tight rope, and let Aloy do her thing to climb to the top of this point. Use R3 to see this Vantage Point Cache when you reach the top.
  • Monument Valley – First, clear out the two Behemoths causing troubles for the Sunstone Rock settlement in the very south west corner of the map. From here, facing away from the settlement, look to the cliffs to your right and search for the white chalk marks signaling you can climb this. Follow the climb up and take the zipwire down to the stack. The Monument Valley Vantage Point Cache is on the floor here.
  • Sterling Malkeet Amphitheater – Make your way to the level 18 Corruption Zone on the east side of the map. This Vantage Cache can be found near the top of the hill, right by the cliff face.
  • Bridal Veil Falls – From the Two-Teeth Bandit Camp, head south until you reach the crossroads with the sign pointing you towards Daytower. Behind this, to the west, is a rock face you can climb. Make your way up here and then look for more holds to your right. At the top of here is the Bridal Veil Falls Vantage Point Cache.

With all of the Vantage Point Caches locations found in Horizon Zero Dawn, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide for tips on the other collectibles, defeating the machines, and much more.

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