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Does Horizon Zero Dawn Have Difficulty Trophies?


Does Horizon Zero Dawn Have Difficulty Trophies?

Does Horizon Zero Dawn Have Difficulty Trophies?

Update: As part of Horizon Zero Dawn’s 1.30 update, the game now contains one silver trophy that requires the player to complete a New Game + playthrough on the new Ultra Hard difficulty introduced in the patch.

Horizon Zero Dawn is finally out on the PS4 and it is an absolutely amazing game to explore. Players will be dropped into an open world full of beautiful vistas and terrifying, mechanical beasts to overcome. In order to allow players to experience the game as they want, the developers have offered several difficulty settings to choose from. Naturally, this has trophy hunters wondering if there are any difficulty trophies to be earned before they start the game, especially since all difficulties are available from the beginning.

Thankfully, the difficulties are only an option for your preference, as there are no difficulty trophies keeping you from obtaining the platinum. We do, however, suggest that you play on at least Normal, as the challenge of the combat is what really ties everything in Horizon Zero Dawn into one neat and highly enjoyable package. Of course, if you’re just trying to run through the game, Easy is definitely an option and you won’t miss a thing.

Now that you know there are no difficulty trophies in the way of your own personal hunt, you’re ready to get out there and see what the future has to offer Aloy and all the other tribes.

If you need any other help with Horizon Zero Dawn, be sure to check out our wiki.

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