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Horizon Zero Dawn: Code Nexus Puzzle Solution


Horizon Zero Dawn: Code Nexus Puzzle Solution

Code Nexus Puzzle Solution – Horizon Zero Dawn

As you make your way through Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll find yourself investigating a facility as part of the story. However, to get any further into the facility, you’ll need to get the power working again, but one of the machines has a puzzle that you’ll need to work out to unlock the door.

The Code Nexus puzzle requires you to move the four blue switches with red sections on the wall into a certain pattern. You’re given a clue on how to solve this via an audio datapoint on the floor by the larger terminal connected to the switches.

Called ‘Code Nexus Reminder,’ the datapoint says “Hey, y’all wanted to know how I remember the geo-thermal system reboot. Goes like this. Bird flies north in summer, east in spring, west in fall, and south in winter.”

This is basically telling you what direction the red section of each blue switch should be facing. From left to right, the red section should be pointing Up, Right, Left, and Down. By using Square or Triangle, Aloy will be able to move these switches to Code Nexus and crack the puzzle. Once they’re lined up in the correct positions, all of the circles will spin at once and turn green. You can now continue exploring the facility.

That’s all there is to the Code Nexus puzzle solution in Horizon Zero Dawn. For more handy hints, guides, and walkthroughs for the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide.

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