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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Beat Behemoths Easily


Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Beat Behemoths Easily

How to Beat Behemoths Easily – Horizon Zero Dawn

Behemoths are the one of the machines you’ll fight later on in Horizon Zero Dawn. These can be pretty tough to defeat thanks to their hefty health pool and the fact they’ll constantly be trying to charge you down or hurl giant rocks in your direction, so we’ll walk you through how to beat Behemoths easily.

One or two hits with that charge attack and you’ll be toast, so the key to defeating Behemoths is to constantly be on the move. Even when you’re aiming arrows or trying to set a tripwire, always be on the move. This will prevent the Behemoth from being able to perfectly line up its charge, meaning it’ll often miss you and go hurtling into a nearby tree or pillar.

For Behemoths, we’re going to want to stick to either Tear or Shock damage. If you want to give the Behemoth a time out from chasing you around, land either a Shock bomb, arrow, or even a tripwire to stun them. Even better, if you can land a Shock arrow on the Power Cell located on its back, you’ll trigger an explosion electrifying anything in the nearby area. Just make sure you’re at a safe distance first.

Your main point of focus for dealing damage, however, should be the Force Loader. These are those yellow canisters either side of the head on Behemoths. Use Precision arrows and bombard these with as many hits as you can. Don’t get greedy, though, if you can only land one before the Behemoths are lining up for a charge or a ranged attack, that’s fine. Patience is key here, but rinse and repeat the above process and it’ll be taken care of in no time.

Now that you know how to defeat Behemoths in Horizon Zero Dawn, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and information, including more machine combat tips.

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