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For Honor: How to Play the Warden


For Honor: How to Play the Warden

Warden – For Honor

The Warden is one of 12 hero types you have access to in For Honor, and fights under the Knights faction. It’s a Vanguard type hero for the Knights, and is overall a good choice for a balanced offense and defense. As the Warden doesn’t wear incredibly heavy armor either, they’re good for being mobile around the battlefield, getting from point to point and reinforcing allies

More than anything, the Warden is a good choice for newcomers to For Honor, letting you learn the ropes without having to be incredibly precise with your timing, or play with a character that has a significant weakness. We’ll go over some basic tips for the Warden, as well as their moveset and recommended Feats.

Strengths, Weaknesses and Moveset – How to Play the Warden

Warden – Vanguard – Adaptable, Straighforward

Strengths – Easy to pickup and play, relatively agile, uncomplicated combos that are easy to execute.

Weaknesses – Can be difficult to master, doesn’t pack as much punch as other heroes.


Hero Specific Perks

  • Renown: Earn more Renown in outnumbered fights, by controlling objectives, and by killing enemy soldiers to unlock your feats in a match.
  • Revenge Mode: Boosts Damage and Health. All Attack are Uninterruptible. Parry and Throws knock enemies down. Attacks are Auto-Parried on Activatino.
  • Light Attack Combo: Second Side Light Attack is guaranteed if first one hits.
  • Crushing Counterstrike: Top Light Attack has Superior Block property during the Startup.

Moves (From Guard Mode, L2)

  • Vanguard’s Advance – R1, R1, R2 (RB, RB, RT on Xbox)
  • Guardian’s Assault – R1, R2 (RB, RT on Xbox)
  • Warden’s Wrath – R2, R2 (RT, RT on Xbox)
  • Rushing Slash – (Not in Guard Mode) L3+R2 (L3+RT on Xbox)
  • Crushing Counterstrike – Right analog stick up+R1 (Right stick+RB on Xbox)
  • Shoulder Bash – Left Stick+X, Square (Hold) (Left stick+A, X on Xbox)
  • Shoulder Bash Mix Up – R1, Square, R1 (RB, X, RB on Xbox)

Tactics – How to Play the Warden

The Warden has a versatile moveset, balanced between offense and defense, with some helpful combos. The character’s left and right normal attacks have a guaranteed combo if you land a hit, and can easily be followed up with another move. You should also make sure to use the shoulder bash move, as you can land a light attack instantly combo into a shoulder bash move, and then stun the enemy and land another combo of your own.

Feints and the Crushing Counterstrike should always be a part of your tactics as well. Remember to watch for enemies attacking from the upper stance, as this can be parried from the counterstrike and land a pretty deadly blow on the enemy. You can also use a strong attack against enemies, feint, and then use that period to launch either a zone attack or shoulder bash.

The number one thing to be careful of when playing as the Warden is budgeting your stamina meter. The character’s blows do cause a decent amount of damage, but can also deplete your stamina, leaving you vulnerable. Make sure to watch the meter, and back off of the enemy to recover if need be.

Guard Breaks can be used to throw enemies into walls or obstacles, stunning them and opening them up for a heavy attack. Make sure to make liberal use of stuns when playing as the Warden, as it’ll let you open enemies up to a deadly heavy strike, which also has some decent range attached to it. Don’t be afraid to play things defensively either, letting your Warden soak up damage and fill up their Revenge meter, or pull of a counter and then zone strike.

Keeping with the character it’s also a good idea to balance your equipment to both offense and defense, and particularly focus on exhaustion recovery.

Recommended Feats – How to Play the Warden

  • Body Count – This Feat lets you recover a small amount of health and stamina by killing enemy soldiers. In a pinch it can give you the recovery you need to keep going.
  • Inspire or Fiat Lux – Inspire will let you set a banner down that boost the damage of allies and speed of soldiers. This can be useful when defending a capture point, or engaging another team. Meanwhile, Fiat Lux lets you throw a grenade that momentarily blinds an enemy, making it difficult for them to guard your attacks.
  • Takedown – This Feat can be incredibly useful, making your throws send enemies to the ground. From there, you can unleash a combo on them.
  • Catapult of Moral Booster – The catapult causes massive damage over a wide area, and can instantly take down an enemy. Find a high place to call this down at the right time to take out enemies. You can also use Moral Booster to improve damage for you and your allies for a short time. This can easily let you overwhelm an enemy group or team.


For more help, tips, and guides on For Honor, make sure to take a look at our ever-expanding wiki.


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