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For Honor: How to Unlock More Heroes


For Honor: How to Unlock More Heroes

Heroes – For Honor

Heroes are the different characters you can play as in For Honor, and they fall into three different factions: Samurai, Knights, and Vikings. In those factions, there are four different characters that you can obtain, and you start out with one from each faction. Each character in the game plays a bit differently and has different strengths and weaknesses, despite having similar moves. For Honor also judges the heroes on how difficult they are to play.

In order to unlock more characters in the game you’ll need to spend Steel, which is the currency you can earn in-game or buy through microtransactions. Luckily, each one only costs 500 Steel which isn’t terribly hard to get. You can see some ways of earning Steel here.

Here are the 12 characters available in For Honor right now, along with their difficulty to play.


  • Warden – Adaptable, Straightforward (Easy)
  • Conqueror – Strong Defense, Hard Hitter (Medium)
  • Peacekeeper – Fast, Counter-Attacker (Medium)
  • Lawbringer – Counter-Attacker, Disabler (Hard)


  • Raider – Adaptable, Straightforward (Easy)
  • Warlord – Harasser, Counter-Attacker (Medium)
  • Berserker – Short Range, Harasser (Hard)
  • Valkyrie – Adaptable, Disabler (Hard)


  • Kensei – Adaptable, Good Range (Easy)
  • Shugoki – Disabler, Hard Hitter (Easy)
  • Orochi – Agile, Counter-Attacker (Hard)
  • Nobushi – Long Range, Versatile Retreats (Hard)

It’s a good idea to try out each character at least once, and see which one fits your style the best. You can also unlock additional Feats for each character to equip.

For more help, tips, and guides on For Honor, make sure to take a look at our growing wiki.

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