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For Honor: How to Get Steel


For Honor: How to Get Steel

How to Get Steel – For Honor

Steel is a valuable resource in For Honor that you’ll use to unlock a few different aspects of the game, like new Feats or new Heroes. Luckily, you have quite a few different ways of earning the resource, so if you’re playing a lot you shouldn’t be too hard up for it. In case you are, here’s how to get steel.

Basically you’ll be getting Steel for almost everything you play in For Honor. Each multiplayer match you’ll earn a small portion of it and experience. Additionally, when you’re on the multiplayer World Map hit the L1 button or Left Bumper to bring up the orders menu. Here you’ll see a list of Daily Orders and Contract Orders. As you might expect Daily Orders change each day, and on each order you’ll see its requirements. Contract Orders you can assign to yourself from a list. Completing any order will grant you the listed reward, which oftentimes includes a hefty amount of Steel.

Besides multiplayer, you can also find a small amount of the resource in the Story Mode. Keep an eye out for breakable objects, which will always appear as a group of pots with a white outline around them. If you smash these you’ll find some kind of reward, which can be Steel, new emblem materials, and more.

Finally, you can also get Steel by purchasing packs of it as DLC for real-world money.

Keep on playing For Honor and checking out the Daily Orders, and you’ll start accumulating quite a bit before you know it.

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