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For Honor: How to Perform a Guard Break


For Honor: How to Perform a Guard Break

Guard Break – For Honor

For those looking to master combat in For Honor, players will need to know how to perform a guard break so you can press forward with your attacks. This move is simple to perform, however it’s understanding when and where to use a guard break that’s important. To actually use the guard break ability in For Honor, players either need to tap the Square button on PS4 or hit the X button on Xbox One.

Doing this will cause your character to either kick or shove an opponent, forcing them out of a block so you can quickly attack. However, this button is mapped to the throw as well which means if you want to use that you’ll need to follow up with the same button and be closer to the target.

One thing that’s important to note is that guard breaks do not interrupt enemy attacks so if a big Lawbringer is about to hit you with his spear make sure to not guard break. This will ensure that you aren’t staggered and then open for counter strikes by your foe, which can be a death sentence in For Honor depending on your health.

You can also use the guard break button to counter enemies’ guard breaks. You can see how to do that here.

It’s important to wait until either your enemies’ stamina is low or they have just performed a slow, heavy attack. Waiting for this will ensure that players have a higher chance for the guard break landing and allowing you to finish off a foe. The last thing you want in For Honor is to miss on an important move like this and get beaten to death with a mace.

For more tips, help, and guides on For Honor make sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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