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For Honor: How to Counter Guard Break


For Honor: How to Counter Guard Break

How to Counter Guard Break – For Honor

In For Honor’s battlefields, you’ll be going one-on-one with quite a few talented warriors, so you’ll need to know how to counter every move they might throw at you. One particularly handy move is the Guard Break, which lets you stun your opponent momentarily while they’re guarding by pressing the square button. As this leaves you open to your opponent’s strikes, you’ll no doubt want to know how to counter it.

The only real way to counter a Guard Break in For Honor is by executing a Guard Break of your own. You actually want to start your guard break the moment theirs hits your character’s body, so immediately hit the square button when you see the attack connect and your own attack will cancel theirs out. It can be trick to get the timing right, but it’s a good way to launch into your own combo. Additionally, you can try and dodge out of the way of the Guard Break by hitting the X button, and going left or right, or by doing a backstep.

Make sure to get some practice in with Guard Breaks and the various other techniques in a story mission or two before jumping into multiplayer.

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