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Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get Five Star Heroes


Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get Five Star Heroes

Five Star Characters – Fire Emblem Heroes

There are a lot of different characters in Fire Emblem Heroes but how do you know which ones are the best for your party? In this mobile title, the power of your character is determined by how many stars are attributed to it, with three being the lowest and five being the highest in the game. However, obtaining these powerful characters will either come down to pure luck of the draw or some serious grinding.

The first method to getting a five star character is via the Summoning section in Fire Emblem Heroes. When you are attempting to obtain new and power heroes you have a 3.50% chance for that particular fighter to be of the five star rank. This is obviously a very, very low percentage meaning that it’ll be rare for you to naturally acquire one. If you want to avoid manual grinding, just try to do multiple summons at the same time to conserve your Orbs.

However, the more common method will be by manually leveling heroes to a five star rank via in-game items and battles. In order to progress to higher star ratings, players will first need to make that specific hero hit level 20 as that is the base level cap. From here you’ll need to use badges to boost their ratings and thus increase their level cap. The badges needed to go from three stars to four stars are as follows:

  • Azure Badge – Blue
  • Scarlet Badge – Red
  • Verant Badge – Green
  • Transparent Badge – Colorless.

If you want to go from four stars to five stars then you’ll need:

  • Great Azure Badge – Blue
  • Great Scarlet Badge – Red
  • Great Verdant Badge – Green
  • Great Transparent Badge – Colorless

This method will take a fair amount of time but is by far the least painful if you want to increase the power of your heroes. For more guides, tips, and walkthroughs, make sure to visit our ever-expanding Fire Emblem Heroes wiki.

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