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Fire Emblem Heroes: All Red Stone Character Heroes


Fire Emblem Heroes: All Red Stone Character Heroes

Red Stone Heroes – Fire Emblem Heroes

Characters in Fire Emblem Heroes are separated out into four different categories, or colors – Red, Green Blue, and Gray. Each color corresponds to a spot on the weapon triangle, and which characters have the advantage. As Fire Emblem Heroes doesn’t have accuracy rates like previous games, the triangle completely dictates how much damage characters will do.

In the triangle Red beats Green, Green beats Blue, and Blue beats Red. Grey, however, lies outside of the triangle and doesn’t have any specific weaknesses or strengths. Red stone characters are generally sword wielders, and can devastate axe users. There are some exceptions though, like characters using fire or dark magic.

There are actually five tiers of heroes (ranging from 1 Star to 5 Stars). However, there are two max ranges of 4 and 5. Because of this we’ve included all Red Stone characters based on the maximum tier rating you can acquire.

Tier 4

  • Draug, the Gentle Giant
  • Eliwood, the Knight of Lycia
  • Fir, the Sword Student
  • Hana, the Focused Samurai
  • Henry, the Twisted Mind
  • Hinata: the Wild Samurai
  • Laslow, the Dancing Duelist
  • Lon’qu, the Solitary Blade
  • Olivia, the Blushing Beauty
  • Palla, the Eldest Whitewing
  • Raigh, the Dark Child
  • Selena, the Cutting Wit
  • Sophia, the Nabata Prophet
  • Stahl, the Viridian Knight
  • Tiki, Naga’s Voice

Tier 5

  • Caeda, the Talys’s Heart
  • Cain, The Bull
  • Chrom, the Exalted Prince
  • Corrin, the Fateful Prince
  • Leo, the Sorcerous Prince
  • Lilina, the Delightful Noble
  • Lucina, Future Witness
  • Lyn, Lady of the Plains
  • Marth, Altean Prince
  • Ogma, the Loyal Blade
  • Roy, Young Lion
  • Ryoma, the Peerless Samurai
  • Tharja, the Dark Shadow
  • Tiki, Dragon Scion

For more help, tips, and walkthroughs on Fire Emblem Heroes make sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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