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Fire Emblem Heroes: All Green Stone Character Heroes


Fire Emblem Heroes: All Green Stone Character Heroes

Green Stone Heroes – Fire Emblem Heroes

Warriors in Fire Emblem Heroes are broken down into four color groups – Green, Red, Blue, and Gray. Each color lets you know where that particular character hero stands on the triangle that determines how much damage you both deal and take when dealing with specific enemy units.

Green Stone characters are strong against those with Red Stones, but are weak against Blue Stones. They tend to wield axes like in the original Fire Emblem weapon triangle, but they don’t necessarily have to. They also employ wind magic, which is pretty neat.

While there are five tiers of heroes (ranging from 1 Star – 5 Stars), there are two max ranges, 4 and 5. So we’ve included all Green Stone character hero units in the game based on their maximum acquirable tier rating.

Tier 4

  • Arthur, the Hapless Hero
  • Barst, the Hatchet
  • Bartre, the Fearless Warrior
  • Beruka, the Quiet Assassin
  • Cecilia, the Etrurian General
  • Cherche, the Wyvern Friend
  • Frederick, the Polite Knight
  • Gunter, the Inveterate Soldier
  • Jagen, the Veteran Knight
  • Nino, the Pious Mage

Tier 5

  • Fae, the Divine Dragon
  • Hawkeye, the Desert Guardian
  • Hector, the General of Ostia
  • Merric, the Wind Mage
  • Minerva, the Red Dragoon
  • Raven, the Peerless Fighter
  • Sheena, the Princess of Gra

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