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Fire Emblem Heroes: All Blue Stone Character Heroes


Fire Emblem Heroes: All Blue Stone Character Heroes

Blue Stone Heroes – Fire Emblem Heroes

As you may have already noticed, Fire Emblem Heroes’ warriors are broken up into four color-coded groups that determine how you stand within Fire Emblem’s weapon triangle. This triangle depicts how much damage you deliver to certain enemies and how much your receive. One of the groups carries Blue Stone characters (the others are Green, Red, and Gray).

Blue Stone characters in Fire Emblem Heroes are strong against Red Stones, but weak against Green Stones. They represent the lance of the weapon wheel and also can wield thunder magic.

There are 15 Blue Stone heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes so far, with six of them being Tier 4 and nine being able to reach Tier 5.

Tier 4

  • Corrin, the Fateful Princess
  • Donnel, the Village Hero
  • Est, the Junior Whitewing
  • Florina, the Lovely Flier
  • Gwendolyn, the Adorable Knigh
  • Oboro, the Fierce Fighter

Tier 5

  • Abel, the Panther
  • Azura, the Lady of the Lake
  • Catria, the Middle Whitewing
  • Cordelia, the Knight Paragon
  • Effie, the Army of One
  • Hinoka, the Warrior Princess
  • Linde, the Light Mage
  • Nowi, the Eternal Youth
  • Peri, the Playful Slayer

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