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Everything We Know About Destiny 2 So Far


Everything We Know About Destiny 2 So Far

Destiny 2

Destiny has continued to surprise fans and critics alike ever since its September 2014 release. The shared-world shooter blended the tight, first-person shooting gameplay that Bungie became known for with Halo with some light MMO elements to keep the game social and add replayability. Although it had a rough start due to lack of content – which included an utter lack of any meaningful story – expansions and events helped to keep the game and the community alive, turning Destiny into a a gaming phenomenon and helping to establish one of the biggest new IPs in years.

Now, as we are in Destiny’s third year, we look forward to what comes next. Destiny 2 was announced some time ago, though Activision and Bungie were both keeping details hush-hush. Now that we’re in 2017, the year that the game is set to finally reach Guardians who’ve been waiting for new locales to patrol, it’s time to take a look at everything we know thus far.

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