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Even Past Circle of Life, Here Are 5 More Questionable Gamestop Practices


Even Past Circle of Life, Here Are 5 More Questionable Gamestop Practices

There are plenty of reasons gamers have lost trust in the chain.

Incredibly Aggressive Guerilla Sales Tactics

GameStop spiel

All of these entries are based on past experience as a Gamestop employee.

Just about everyone who’s shopped at GameStop for a period of time in their life will have a GameStop story. More often than not, these stories tend to include situations wherein customers are forced to deal employees who will either continuously badger them on the sales floor or go through a 5 minute (and often longer) sales pitch at the register about game pre-orders, the GameStop PRO card, or some other thing that you probably didn’t walk in the store with any intention of getting.

Now it would be one thing if these long-winded monologues pertained to things we’d be interested in, but they also eat up something far more valuable than our attention and that’s our time. It can be incredibly draining to politely decline four or five times over just to be able to purchase the single game you’ve been dying to play. It’s irritating, it’s aggravating, and honestly, it can make or break an entire experience when shopping at GameStop, a place that by most measures should be a fun, exciting hobby store to visit. But please don’t run off and blame the employees, it’s their job that they have to do. And coming from personal experience, they don’t want to waste your time any more than you want them to.

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