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Best Action Video Games of 2017


Best Action Video Games of 2017

Gravity Rush 2

The Best Action Video Games of 2017

Gravity Rush 2 is the second installment in the PlayStation-exclusive action series. Like the first title, it stars Kat, a girl who controls gravity powers and spends much of her time flying through the air and beating up baddies.

In this game, players can choose between three gravity styles, which alter Kat’s speed, jump height, and attack strength. Combat requires fast switching between these forms in order to execute effective battle strategies. Adding more fun is the game’s destructible and vivid environments, filled with objects to toss around and NPCs who will react accordingly.

The 20-40 hour adventure kicks off as Kat and her friend Raven investigate a gravitational disturbance shortly after the events of the first game. They’re quickly sucked into trouble, however, and must battle their way across human soldiers, mechs, and some more out-of-this-world enemies.

All in all, Gravity Rush 2 is a worthy successor to the original, improving on both visuals and gameplay to make a fast-paced action title and one of the best action video games of 2017.

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