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7 Video Game Characters We Love to Hate


7 Video Game Characters We Love to Hate

Broken Trust

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Mei – Overwatch

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While the robotic Bastion may be the OG of Overwatch player’s hate, Mei has certainly cultivated her own anger fueled reputation. This defense class hero can form ice walls, create an impregnatable ice block that heals a fair amount of her health, and can freeze opponents rendering them useless for a few seconds. This makes her a wonderful utility character that has seen both casual and highly competitive play.

It’s her powerful kit that annoys many players, as she is a video game character that can just stall teams fighting for an objective. Her walls can block off areas or stop ultimates like D.Va’s Self Destruct from wiping a team. While her ability to self-heal gives her incredible sustainability, making Mei difficult to put down for good. However, it’s her ultimate that really causes hate as she can freeze the entire team if it’s placed correctly, which will surely lose the battle for any group trying to defend or attack. She’ll help wipe your entire team, and do it with a cheerful smile.

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