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Why We Won’t Forget Scalebound Any Time Soon


Why We Won’t Forget Scalebound Any Time Soon

Thinking about what could have been.

It was Different

scalebound, canceled

Or as different as you can be in AAA games. Depending on your outlook, Scalebound was pretty much Monster Hunter meets Devil May Cry, neither of which are really bad things in and of themselves. Devil May Cry is fun, and Monster Hunter is fun, and you could certainly see a bit of both in the slices of gameplay that Platinum and Microsoft showed us. Thankfully, they snatched more from DMC than just a white haired protagonist, they also grabbed the tone and humor with him.

Right from the start, it was clear that playing as Drew with his dragon Thuban would try to have the same amount of ridiculousness that Dante’s adventures have sported. Giant monsters? Check. Flashy action? Double check. A character design that looks both dorky and distinct? Yeah, those were all in there and, combined together, made for an interesting mishmash. But the footage we saw of it made it all blend together in that classic Platinum way. Plus, those headphones were pretty cool. Wonder if they would’ve been included in the collector’s edition of the game…

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