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Resident Evil 7: Where to Find All 33 Antique Coins (Madhouse Difficulty)


Resident Evil 7: Where to Find All 33 Antique Coins (Madhouse Difficulty)

Antique Coins (Madhouse Difficulty) Guide – Resident Evil 7

Spoiler Warning!

One of the various collectibles in Resident Evil 7 are the Antique Coins, which can be used to obtain various upgrades throughout the game. However, the number of coins you need to obtain will change based on the difficulty, as the Madhouse difficulty bumps the number of Antique Coins available from 18 to 33. If you want to obtain the Mad Pelicans trophy/achievement then you’ll need every single one. This guide has the location of every single Antique Coin in Resident Evil 7 on Madhouse difficulty.

  • Guest House 1F – To get this Antique Coin, you’ll need to watch the videotape found on the second floor of the Guest House. Once the video begins, have the camera man step back right away and look down. You’ll see a lockpick on the ground, which you can then use on the locked drawer in the kitchen. After you’ve unlocked the drawer in the VHS video, go to it in the present and open it to find your first Antique Coin.
  • Main House 1F – After the dinner scene with The Baker family, wait until they leave and break free of your restraints. Turn right, head into the living room, and pick up the vase on the entertainment center. Inspect this object and look inside it to find the second of the Antique Coins.
  • Garage – After you finish your fight with Jack in the garage, head up the ladder and turn left to find the coin on the shelf.
  • Main House 1F – From the Ox Puzzle Door, open it and enter the large living room. Immediately turn left and head to the drawer in the far corner. Open the top shelf to find the Antique Coin inside.
  • Main House 2F – Turn around from the drawer you just obtained the last coin from and head up the staircase. Enter the door at the top by the old woman in the wheelchair and walk along the balcony until you reach the first room on your left. Enter and go to the back left corner where the vase is, which has the Antique Coin hiding inside of it.
  • Main House 2F – Head back out onto the porch, and go left until you reach the very end and reenter the Main House. Your next coin can be found directly under a picture frame leaning against the wall in the hallway.
  • Main House 1F – During your travels you will come across a room with a large stuffed deer (Drawing Room) by the door (bottom right corner of the map). Go left from the door to find the next of the Antique Coins inside of the toilet bowl.
  • Main House Basement – From the basement entrance, head down the staircase, through the door, and continue straight down the hallway. Make the first right and then another until you see the first door on your right. Enter the room, go to the tied-up body on the medical table, and you can find the Antique Coin in a bowl underneath the corpse.
  • Main House Basement – Turn directly around from your last Antique Coin’s location and head back out into the hallway. Now go straight, right, through the room with the broken wall, down the staircase, and you’ll find the coin on a small shelf in the corner.
  • Processing Area – At the very bottom of the Processing Area, go up the staircase to the right of the Morgue and enter the first door you come across. On the bottom shelf by the bagged dead body, you will find a coin in a cardboard box.
  • Main House 1F – In the Main Hall go to the Cerberus door, head outside and down the stairs. To your left, you will be able to rip a metal panel off the wall. Head into the crawl space to find an Antique Coin at the very end.

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