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Resident Evil 7 Cut Off Hand: What it’s For


Resident Evil 7 Cut Off Hand: What it’s For

Cut Off Hand – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


Early on in Resident Evil 7, something truly terrifying happens. Your lovely wife, Mia, whom you’ve come to save after she’s been missing for years, pins your hand to a wall using a screwdriver. In the time it takes you to free yourself, she then shows up with a chainsaw and cuts that very same hand off before walking away as if that were a perfectly okay thing to do. You can then pick up that cut off hand and continue your way through the Baker house, hoping to find a way out.

However, when you pick up the cut off hand, you can’t actually do anything with it. This isn’t LEGO Resident Evil 7, so you can’t just pop it back on. It turns out that even though it’s in your inventory, it’s not actually you that eventually uses it. Instead, Zoe Baker, the daughter of the crazed family that seems hellbent on killing you, staples the cut off hand back on after attaching an interesting watch to your wrist. The First Aid Meds promote cell regeneration, so with a little bit of that, your arm is back in working order.

This happens just a few minutes after you lose the hand, so don’t stress yourself out too much searching for a way to get it back together on your own. It’s 100% part of the story, and will be returned to you promptly. Just please don’t lose it again. Watching it get cut off the first time was gruesome enough.

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