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Resident Evil 7: Madhouse Difficulty Tips and Walkthrough


Resident Evil 7: Madhouse Difficulty Tips and Walkthrough

Welcome to the madhouse.

Beat the Game on Easy/Normal Difficulty – Madhouse Difficulty Tips

If you’re looking to beat Resident Evil 7’s Madhouse Difficulty, here are some vital tips you’ll need to come out of it alive.

Resident Evil 7’s Madhouse difficulty mode is no joke, and it’s a challenge you really should only consider undertaking after you’ve beaten the game at least once. By having a good knowledge of the layout of the Baker residence and the way the bosses work, you’ll be much better equipped than you would if you went into Madhouse blind.

First off, beating the game on either Easy or Normal difficulty will unlock a few special items that can make your run go a lot smoother. By beating the game on any difficulty, you’ll get the Albert-01R handgun, which is invaluable for a Madhouse run. By beating the game on Normal difficulty, you’ll get the Secrets of Defense. By leaving this item in your inventory, you’ll reduce the amount of damage taken, and your block will become more effective too. You can stack this with the Defense Coin if you have it.

By beating the game under four hours, you’ll unlock the Running Shoes and Circular Saw. These two items will give you a massive advantage in a Madhouse run, and I highly recommend picking these up before starting. The Running Shoes increases your movement speed, which can be invaluable when you’re trying to run away from Jack, or create distance between yourself and the Molders to get a clear shot. The Circular Saw isn’t the most elegant weapon, but it will work wonders for the early boss fights with Jack in the morgue and Marguerite in the greenhouse. You can definitely get by without these items, but they’ll save you a lot of frustration.

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