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Resident Evil 7: How to Beat Mutated Jack in the Boathouse


Resident Evil 7: How to Beat Mutated Jack in the Boathouse

Mutated Jack Boathouse Boss Fight – Resident Evil 7

Jack Baker is one seriously persistent enemy, terrorizing the player throughout Resident Evil 7’s early moments, and always seeming to pop back up when you’d really just rather be left alone. He’s powerful, and thanks to his constant eating of the black mold around the house, and the fact that you’ve killed him twice by the time you reach this boss fight in the Boathouse, the virus has taken over his body and caused him to mutate into a grotesque monster covered in pus, blood, and glowing eyes (after all, large Resident Evil bosses need glowing bits so you can know where to shoot).

This encounter is the last time you’ll face off against a member of the Baker family, and begins right after finally escaping the Testing Area and completing the serum to cure Mia and Zoe. After finally freeing them from the binds placed by Lucas Baker, you’re attacked by a large, tentacled monster that just happens to be Jack’s new form after you cut off the upper part of his body in the Baker’s basement. He’s large, and his hits knock you down without fail. This form can also do massive damage, killing you in only two hits on Normal and Madhouse difficulty, making the boathouse boss fight the toughest in RE7. Thankfully, all that power comes at a cost. Mutated Jack is very slow, and the area you fight in has an upper and lower level that you can use to your advantage.

When fighting, you’ll notice glowing parts on the front, sides, and bottom of the monster. First focus on the ones directly in front of you, relying on your Burner and Pistol since you’ll want to maintain some degree of distance to avoid the large tentacle swipes. If you happen to have a Flame Round or two for your Grenade Launcher as well, these help to reduce the run-time of this boss by quite a bit.

The bottom will require you to move around on the upper level, coaxing jack to lift his entire body onto the floor. Once he does, drop down to the area below and shot at his underside. When he jumps down, choose the ladder furthest from Mutated Jack (there’s one on each side of the room), to get back up. He’s so slow that you’ll be able to move relatively freely around the arena.

Rinse and repeat dropping and climbing back up until you take out every nasty orb. Once done, his main eye will regenerate, but you’ll be able to quickly take it out since it’s right in front of you. As his body lays in ruin, the ever-vigilant Mutated Jack will make one last attempt to kill you. You’ll be forced to use one of the serum doses to put him out for good.

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