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Is NieR: Automata Coming to PC?


Is NieR: Automata Coming to PC?

Is NieR: Automata Coming to PC?

NieR: Automata is the highly anticipated sequel to the original cult classic. This time around, the title has been co-developed by Square Enix and Platinum Games, the acclaimed makers of games like Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising. Automata is set thousands of years in the future and focuses on the battle between otherworldly invaders and the remnants of humanity. You play as 2B, a combat android created to battle the alien menace.

It looks like Automata is retaining the same hack and slash gameplay elements the original had, as well as the somber and weird tone. Having the experts at Platinum work on the title has certainly gotten some fans excited, and hopeful of a release on PC as well as PS4. Luckily, we found out last summer that the game would also be making its way onto PC, even though it was announced as a PS4 exclusive. The game will be coming to PC via Steam, but unfortunately, we still don’t have a solid release date.

NieR: Automata launches on March 7, 2017 for PS4, but PC only has a release window of 2017 at the moment. You can, however, currently pre-order the game on Square Enix’s official store. For now, it looks like you’ll need to plan on playing on using your PS4 if you want to pick it up on launch day.


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