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Ignis, Buddy, Tone Down the Final Fantasy XV Recipe Love


Ignis, Buddy, Tone Down the Final Fantasy XV Recipe Love


In Final Fantasy XV, the four leads of the games have their own talents that they can level up. Noctis likes to fish, Gladio loves his gains survival, Prompto is an Instagram junkie, those sort of things. Ignis, your resident genius, loves to cook. When you go and eat at various diners around the world, he’ll take down notes and declare that he’s come up with a new recipe. Naturally, food is important on a road trip (especially one that involves monsters), but eventually things get a little…weird…

To the point where Final Fantasy XV fans gave Ignis his own Twitter.

Someone even made a 10 hour video of him just saying he’s come up with a new recipe.

He’ll always be coming up with new recipes, no matter the occasion.

Even when the group is taking time to enjoy the beautiful wildlife, here’s Ignis…

It even transfers to real life, where Final Fantasy XV voice actors Ray Chase and Adam Croasdell got in on the fun.

Even as you’re reading this, even if Final Fantasy XV isn’t in your console, Ignis is watching, waiting, thinking up new recipes. With four-player co-op coming to the game, it’d be fun to include a cook off against four versions of our bespectacled hero. Or if he released his own monthly cooking videos. Fans would certainly watch those.

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