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Everything Currently Wrong With the Nintendo Switch


Everything Currently Wrong With the Nintendo Switch

So much wrong.

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No Pack-in Game

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The Nintendo Switch is looking like an exciting new piece of technology, and Nintendo fans are already lining up to get their hands on this new home console/handheld hybrid. $300 is not too bad of a price, as it keeps the new hardware competitive. The only problem is that the price-tag doesn’t include anything that will allow you to actually test the hardware out.

The box won’t include a pack-in game of any sort, not even the perfect contender 1-2-Switch, a competitive, mini-game filled title that seems like it was made for demoing. Nintendo hasn’t even mentioned a demo cart, a free day one download, or anything else of that sort. You get the console and not much else; hopefully you have a few extra bucks so you can actually use the thing. 

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