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Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers – What are the Best Skills to Equip?


Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers – What are the Best Skills to Equip?

Skills – Dynasty Warriors Godseekers

Skills in Dynasty Warriors Godseekers are passive and active abilities that grant your officer of choice powerful abilities that can change the game itself. These attributes can range from self-healing to increased XP, and even taking less damage from an enemy. However, you are only allowed to equip three skills at any time for a single officer, meaning you will need to choose what works best for both that hero and your party.

Looking at the skills chart for most heroes you’ll find some sort of healing ability that either targets just that officer or ones beside it. We recommend picking a health based skill for at least 3 of your party members to have active during any battle. The skill “Recover Ultra” is one of the best at restoring health as it will not only heal 15% of the equipped unit’s HP, but any allied ones within a square of it. This will give you better sustainability in battle and allow you to experiment with other, more power consumables such as the War God’s Axe.

Flash Ultra is another skill you should strive to get, especially for melee units like Xiahou Dun, as it will increase your critical hit rate by 50%. Given that Dynasty Warriors Godseekers is all about slaying as many units on the field in one turn as possible, upping your chance to do extra damage is a big bonus. This is especially true when you’re forced to face multiple enemy officers at a time. Always try to get skills that up the amount of damage you can dish out, as they synergize nicely with passive abilities like Leech Bite which restores health when damage is taken.

Finally, status based effects are always a nice way to round out a hero’s skill set if you’re looking for a more general ability. Both Strength and Defense Pulse reduce an enemy’s power by 10% if they’re within 1 square of your unit, while Freeze Effect causes enemies to enter a frozen state. These effects may not drastically change how a battle unfolds, however, they are small incremental advantages that can make all the difference in difficult battles.

Combining these abilities to create an effective fighter is key to any commander’s victory, so make sure your hero has everything they need before going into battle. Try to avoid XP based skills like Learner as they really won’t serve you in the long run and take up a valuable skills slot. Mastery over this Dynasty Warriors Godseekers feature will certainly make the difference between a win and loss, so choose carefully.

For more tips, guides, and walkthroughs check out our ever expanding Dynasty Warriors Godseekers wiki.

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