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Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers – How to Assign Party Members


Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers – How to Assign Party Members

Assigning Party Members – Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers

One of the hallmarks of the Dyansty Warriors franchise is the absolutely massive roster of characters that players can obtain and use in battle. Despite being a different genre than the core installments in this series, Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers has an impressive list of fighters that span a wide gambit of styles to use. However, you are only really allowed to bring five different fighters into any side mission or battle scenario available.

Once you begin to start permanently unlocking new characters via the Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers’ Path of Destiny after Chapter 1, you’ll have to start choosing which ones to bring into battle. This is done by entering a mission menu and selecting the Place Unit tab. On the left, you will see the Deploying Officers list, these will be the five characters you decide to take into battle. To the right is a master list of all your officers which can be sorted by their levels or the faction they’re aligned too.

You can also register your favorites via the Square button in the Officers tab, which will mark them as your favorites. Remember to always have a balanced team of close quarters and distance fighters, as this will let you be more adaptable in battle. Remember, in main missions you will not always be able to bring your desired party into a fight.

Most of the time, Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers will assign you the party regardless of your preference, with Zhao Yun and Lei Bin always being included. Having a fully leveled party is critical to completing your objectives, so always weigh the pros and cons of each hero. After all, the last thing you want is to be facing down an army of archers with no ranged unit.

That’s all there is to assigning party members in the game. For more Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers check out our ever-expanding wiki full of tips, guides, and tricks.

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