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Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers – How to Unlock More Characters (Officers)


Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers – How to Unlock More Characters (Officers)

Unlocking Characters (Officers) – Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers

One of the aspects that’s been brought over from the core Dynasty Warriors franchise is the massive roster of characters that users can acquire. In Godseekers, players will have to complete a variety of missions and meet certain requirements to unlock a hero for their party. While this title will give players some additional heroes, this is only temporary as those officers will leave after the chapter is finished. To truly unlock a new character, players will need to first obtain the “Path of Destiny” menu after Chapter 1. This is a massive timeline for every primary officer you’ve come into contact with, along with what’s needed to obtain them.

You will not need to complete an entire officer’s timeline to unlock that character, as you can obtain the hero Guan Ping after you finish the Paragon of Virtue scenario. These special missions are unlocked after progressing through the main campaign and will be marked on your World Map by a green handshake symbol. Players in Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers will also need to finish other conditions such as acquiring a specific amount of gold or killing X amount of enemies with a specific hero. After these are met, players will be informed that the specific officer has joined their party and can now be upgraded.

Remember, you will sometimes receive temporary party members, so don’t sink a ton of gold into them right away. They’ll keep the upgrades but any weapons, skills, or gear you’ve given them will be suspended until they’re reacquired via the Path of Destiny. We recommend hitting all the officer specific scenarios as soon as they appear, as it will give you more options in future battles. After all, you don’t just want Zhao Yun and Lei Bin to take on entire armies by themselves.

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