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Digimon World Next Order Guide: Tips For Beginners


Digimon World Next Order Guide: Tips For Beginners

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Picking a Starter

Digimon World: Next Order Tips

Unlike other games where your starters really set the tone for a large part of the opening acts, the 11 options you have in the beginning of Digimon World: Next Order are all fairly balanced. You’ll be able to train them up right after choosing, and by checking their History, can even steer what they Digivolve into. This is because Digimon, unlike certain other ‘mon you may have heard of, have a wider range of evolutions, and you can control which route your starters follow by paying attention to their stats and moods.

With this in mind, it’s better to get right into the action, rather than spend too much time deciding which egg you like more — get out there and start making moves. Trust us, things will move a lot smoother once you get a taste for the action.

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