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10 Games With Way Better Graphics Than Gameplay


10 Games With Way Better Graphics Than Gameplay

Unremarkable beauty.



David Cage is always pushing the boundaries of video games, edging as close to the cinematic as possible. Movie star Ellen Page even joined this project, taking on the role of Jodie Holmes, a young girl who had a connection with a mysterious entity called Aiden. The premise and look of the game were incredibly promising. It looked like we would get a personal, dramatic story rivaling that of Heavy Rain. The actual product didn’t live up to these high hopes.

The gameplay is almost entirely about story, guiding players through the narrative by tasking them with completing certain actions. Not only are these actions not fun to do, but the narrative is incredibly convoluted. It’s told out of sequence, jumping forwards and backwards and featuring some pretty lackluster storytelling. The graphics are incredible, fully realizing the narrative the game attempts to weave, but even the beautiful aesthetic can’t make Beyond: Two Souls fun to play.

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