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Super Mario Run: How to Beat World 5-3 Boohind Lock and Key


Super Mario Run: How to Beat World 5-3 Boohind Lock and Key

How to Beat World 5-3 Boohind Lock and Key Level – Super Mario Run

With Super Mario Run released upon the world, players are already starting to reach the highest levels offered in the game, however one has proven to be trickier than the others. In World 5-3 there is a level dubbed Boohind Lock and Key which tasks players with opening several locked doors while being pursued by the dastardly Boos. However, the problem is these doors are locked, which means you will need to find a key in each room so you can pass into the next area. During all this, Boos and backwards jump blocks will be messing up your precise platforming.

To beat this level, on the first screen, wait on the pause block until you have an opening to navigate up to the second set of platforms without the Boo hitting you. Once you are there, run until you switch to the other side, and then hop down onto the backwards arrow pads. Perform small hops until the Boos are behind you and then jump backwards and on top of them. It’s important to note that you can only kill a Boo when they are chasing after you, and only by jumping on their heads. You can tell when they’re vulnerable because of their transparent look and their hands no longer covering their faces.

After this, go to the end of the backwards arrow pads and jump so you land in the middle of the platform, nabbing the key. There’s also a mushroom at the very top in the question block, so make sure to pick it up before moving the the next area.

Next, you will find yourself in a vertical room with a bunch of springs and Boos that pop out of them. This is all about timing, so slowly ascend the tower, using the pause blocks when needed to nail down your timing. Once you reach the top you can find the key in the second block on the right, but be careful of the rogue Boo up there that’s chasing you. Jump down, unlock the door, and head into the final, enemy-filled room.

Here’s where things get tricky, as Super Mario Run will now throw several Boos at you, each on different levels. However, the only backwards blocks are at the top, so you will need to quickly scale the tower before they can swarm you. Once you’re up at the backwards blocks, keep making small jumps until the Boos get close. One of them is hiding the key and you will need to defeat it in order to progress forward. However, be cautious, as a Boo can come out of the backwards blocks and kill if your timing isn’t precise. Always be watching out. Once the Boos are defeated and the key is yours, head to the locked door in the center and make your way outside.

Once here, you can either take the high route and attempt to reach the top of the flag poll, or rush along the bottom if time isn’t on your side. Congratulations, you have beat World 5-3’s Boohind Lock and Key level in Super Mario Run, and showed those ghosts who’s boss.

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