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Pokemon GO: How to Get Santa Hat Pikachu


Pokemon GO: How to Get Santa Hat Pikachu

Santa Hat Pikachu – Pokemon GO

If you load up Pokemon GO on your smartphone now, you’ll have the chance of catching a few new Pokemon from the Gold and Silver generation (generation II). However, alongside that is the inclusion of the new Santa hat Pikachu to celebrate the holiday season. From today until Dec. 29, wannabe Pokemon trainers have the chance of stumbling upon a Pikachu wearing a festive Santa hat in the game.

This festive Pikachu is limited edition, but according to Niantic, isn’t going to be impossible to find. In fact, these Christmas Pikachu are going to be scattered all around the world, so all you need to do is head outside and get exploring. With a bit of luck, you’ll stumble upon one on your route to work. Just make sure you’ve got enough Poke Balls to catch it. Pikachu is particularly difficult to catch, regardless of its CP. You’ll want a healthy stock of Razz Berries and ideally a good supply of Ultra Balls, though any Poke Ball can work.

Pikachu can typically be found in popular urban areas, such as a city center or a pier. They tend to aggregate at tourist attractions as well.

Other than simply going out and exploring between now and Dec. 29, there are no other criteria or requirements for you to catch the festive Pikachu. Now, head out into the great outdoors and get finding that Pokemon.

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