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Is Super Mario Run Free? Not Really


Is Super Mario Run Free? Not Really

Super Mario Run Cost

Super Mario Run is the latest Nintendo game to hit the app store, and if you’ve just hopped on to download it, you’ll notice the game costs nothing to get. That’s because Super Mario Run is free to install, but not to play entirely.

You’ll be able to get a free taste for the game – its tutorial and early content – without paying anything upfront. At some point, however, you will be prompted to pay the full cost of $9.99 for the game. This will unlock all 6 worlds (24 courses), 3000 coins, 20 Rally Tickets, and a ? Block.

If you’re looking for more than Mario courses, there’s also the Toad Rally mode, which allows you to exchange Rally Tickets for the chance to face off against an opponent in a coin collecting rush. Perform stylish moves and get Coin Rushes to impress the watching Toads and recruit them to help rebuild your kingdom.

In the Kingdom Builder, you can customize your own kingdom with buildings and decorations of your choice. The Toads will help with the construction, and the more Toads you gather, the better and faster your kingdom will grow.

Will you be playing full price for Super Mario Run, or just be enjoying the free trial? Let us know, and stay tuned to Twinfinite for more on Super Mario Run.


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