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Destiny: How to Get the S-41 Poison Apple Sparrow During The Dawning


Destiny: How to Get the S-41 Poison Apple Sparrow During The Dawning

S-41 Poison Apple Sparrow – Destiny: The Dawning

Destiny: The Dawning is bringing a number of new activities and rewards to celebrate the holiday season. While you can enjoy the new emotes, exotic weapons, and even a snowman head, there are also a number of new Sparrows to unlock. One of which, a reward for Speed Kills quest line, is the S-41 Poison Apple Sparrow.

How to Get The Speed Kills Quest

This one will be doled out by Amanda Holliday in the Tower hangar after you’ve ranked up once in the Sparrow Racing League.


You’ll first need to hunt down quite a number of Devil Splicers in the Plaguelands. This is best done using SIVA offerings in Archon’s Forge, but you can also use bounties and public events to complete this task.

Next you’ll need to head to the Reef and talk to Variks and participate in the Challenge of the Elders. Defeat the three bosses and you’ll be on your way.

Last on your to-do list are the Outbound Signal and Fear’s Embrace missions. You must complete each mission in under 20 minutes, so bring a friend if the 260 Light scaling is giving you any trouble. Take down the mission bosses, and you’ll be ready to collect your rewards.

Get your S-41 Poison Apple Sparrow

Return to the Tower and speak to Amanda Holliday, who will present you with an S-41 Poison Apple Sparrow for all your effort.

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