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The Best Xbox One Game of 2016


The Best Xbox One Game of 2016

The finest the Xbox One has to offer.

Second Runner Up: Quantum Break

quantum break combat

It’s award season here at Twinfinite! Starting with a few runner ups, let’s look back at the best Xbox One games from this year and our 2016 winner!

When Quantum Break released back in April on the Xbox One, it tried to do something a little different to anything that came before it. On the disc players had the game, as well as a ‘series’ of live-action shows that filled in the gaps in between each chapter of the game. While many expected it to be a disappointing result, Quantum Break was actually pretty damn good.

Quantum Break tells the story of Jack Joyce, a man who discovers he has time-controlling abilities after emerging from an accident that leaves time fractured. As Joyce begins to master his abilities, he must track down and defeat Paul Serene, his former friend who is now hell-bent on controlling this newfound power. It’s certainly a complex story, but the TV episodes and narration in the game do a good job of guiding you through it.

On top of its blockbuster story and stunning visuals, Quantum Break’s time-traveling escapades are great fun. Freezing time so you can get a better angle on an enemy, or time jumping and disarming them never gets tiresome. Combining a number of these together to eliminate the field makes you feel like you are the time-controlling hero, not Jack. That’s not the main pull of the action, however, and it’s worth noting that Quantum Break’s main focus is on its narrative. As such, these moments can feel a bit sparse in the grander picture, but there’s still plenty to enjoy of Quantum Break all the same.

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