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Watch Dogs 2: How to Fast Travel


Watch Dogs 2: How to Fast Travel

Fast Travel – Watch Dogs 2

The ability to fast travel is actually one of the first things unlocked in Watch Dogs 2. In fact, you have access to it once you finish the opening tutorial. Instead of closing the world off to players and making them slowly reveal the bay area map, the developers decided to drop a ton of red markers throughout Watch Dogs 2’s world. These are made up of the different shops available in the game including food, clothing, and vehicles.

To fast travel, you’ll first have to purchase the map app (which is one of the very first objectives in the game). Now tap the touchpad on your DualShock 4 or the Views button on your Xbox One (it’s the one with the two windows on it) and your map will pop up. Use the left thumbstick to select any of the red points (you may have to zoom in using R2 or RT) and press Square or X to instantly travel there. Seeing as how the world is so large, this makes it much easier to get from mission to mission without it feeling too padded.

Do note, however, that fast travel is disabled when you’re in most missions. So you will have to rely on driving. Don’t worry too much, though, as there aren’t many moments that force players to drive over large distances.

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