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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find Mimikyu


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find Mimikyu

The Pikachu wannabe.

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Mimikyu

Mimikyu is one of the new Ghost-type Pokemon introduced in Sun and Moon. No one know what this little critter looks like, except it’s said to be so terrifying it covers itself under a Pikachu onesie because it just wants to be loved and adored by other people.

Before you can catch Mimikyu, you first have to complete the Ghost type trial on the third island. Completing the Thrifty Megamart trial here will let you face off against Totem Mimikyu. After you’ve done that, you’ll be allowed to catch wild Pokemon in the Megamart, and this is where the shy Ghost type creature will appear. However, do note that Mimikyu’s encounter rate is incredibly low, so you might have to spend a bit of time there searching. Once you do encounter it, I recommend throwing a Quick Ball on your first turn to try to seal the deal. Its catch rate is also pretty low, so if the Quick Ball fails, you might have to expend some of your Poke Balls and Great Balls to capture this thing.

And that’s all you need to know about catching this new Ghost-type creature. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite’s wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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