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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get All Ultra Beasts


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get All Ultra Beasts

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How to Get All Ultra Beasts – Pokemon Sun & Moon

The Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Sun & Moon are some of the most powerful creatures in the entire game thanks to their impressive stats and move sets. There are 7 Ultra Beasts across both Sun and Moon, meaning you will need to trade across both games in order to acquire every single one for your collection. The Ultra Beasts are as followed: Nihilego, Buzzwole (Sun Exclusive), Pheromosa (Moon Exclusive), Xurkitree, Celesteela (Moon Exlusive), Kartana (Sun Exclusive), and Guzzlord. In order to even unlock the ability to catch these fearsome foes, you will need to complete all of the main story for either Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon. After doing this your Trainer will be approached by the Police and informed that several Ultra Beasts have been released. After some dialogue, the police will decide that the most responsible thing to do is give your Trainer 10 custom Pokeballs known as “Beast Balls” and task you with finding them. No other Pokeball will work on these creatures so make sure to use the Beast Balls.

After this the police will tell you where to locate each one, so either write it down or use this guide to discover their locations. Here are the areas where each Ultra Beast is located in the Aloha region:

  • Nihilego – Diglett Cave or Vela Mountain
  • Buzzwole – Verdant Cave
  • Pheromosa – Verdant Cave
  • Xurkitree – Lush Jungle or Memorial Hill (Must acquire Buzzwole or Pheromosa first)
  • Celesteela – Malie Garden or Haina Desert
  • Kartana – Malie Garden or Haina Desert
  • Guzzlord – Resolution Cave

After you have captured all 7 of these Pokemon you will be informed by Mr. Looker that a possible 8th one has appeared over Melemele Island. However, this is actually a legendary Pokemon that will only appear after you’ve managed to nab all the Ultra Beasts. We strongly recomend saving before you go into each fight as they can be quite tough and hard to capture if you aren’t careful. Try to use paralysis or sleep affects once their health is in the red, just to make their capturing far easier. With some patience, these mighty beasts will be all yours. Just make sure to trade for the ones you don’t have in case filling out that Aloha Pokedex is your main goal.

For more information, guides, and details make sure to check out our ever expanding Pokemon Sun & Moon wiki.

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