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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get Zygarde


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get Zygarde

Three forms this time.

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Zygarde

Zygarde is one of the legendary Pokemon you can acquire in Sun and Moon. However, you can’t just catch it with Poke Balls. Instead, you have to travel all around the Alola region, picking up Zygarde Cells and Cores in order to assemble the creature. There are a total of 100 Cells and 10 Cores. The Cells are what you need to put the Pokemon together, and each Core will teach it a new move.

You’ll receive a call when you pick up 10 Cells, 50 Cells, and 100 Cells. Once you have 10, you can assemble Zygarde’s 10% Forme, and 50 Cells will give you the 50% Forme. To put the Cells together, you’ll want to head over to Route 16, and look out for the trailer to the right of the Pokemon Center. Here, you can assemble the Cells to create Zygarde, or disassemble it when you want to add more Cells or Cores to it. Do note that some Cells can only be obtained during specific times of the day.

And that’s all you need to know about obtaining Zygarde and putting its Cells and Cores together.

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