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Overwatch: When You Can Play as Sombra


Overwatch: When You Can Play as Sombra

Sombra – Overwatch

Sombra, the elusive Talon hacker who has been teasing Overwatch players for the better part of a year, was finally revealed during Blizzcon, and she seems to be every bit as awesome as we had imagined. After witnessing her cunning way of navigating the battlefields in her Infiltration short (which also stars Widowmaker and Reaper), the only thing that fans want to know now is: When can we play as her?

Some time next week (Nov. 7-11), Sombra will be added to the Public Test Regions (PTR) for players to try out on PC. If the past is any indicator, that means everyone will be able to play the purple-clad, latina hacker sometime shortly after across all platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox One).

The wait is finally almost completely over. It was fun to see how many of us could get past Sombra’s riddles and code, but it’s good to see that Blizzard is no longer toying with our emotions (and our time). Before the end of the month, we’ll be hacking enemy players as we show them exactly what a bit of tech can do.

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