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Final Fantasy XV: Where to Play the Justice Monsters Five Pinball Minigame


Final Fantasy XV: Where to Play the Justice Monsters Five Pinball Minigame

Justice Monsters Five – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is absolutely stuffed to the brim with activities to do including minigames like fishing, and the pinball style game Justice Monsters Five. This game is a popular title from the actual world of Eos, and Square Enix released it on mobile a few months back. However, you can also play Justice Monsters Five directly through Final Fantasy XV, by going to a specific diner in the game.

The place in questions is called the “Crow’s Nest Diner,” and can be found in the starting area of Chapter 1. It’s just to the southwest of where you get your car repaired at the Hammerhead Garage, at a rest stop with a motel. You will travel to this stop as part of the story, but the pinball machine can be easy to miss. When you walk into the Crow’s Nest Diner look directly to your left to find the Justice Monsters Five machine.

Now you can kick back with a game of pinball when you need a break from exploring the wilds of Eos. If you get a high enough score on the minigame there’s even a chance you could be rewarded with helpful items like Potions.

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