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Final Fantasy XV: What Is Open Combat and How to Get Out of It


Final Fantasy XV: What Is Open Combat and How to Get Out of It

Open Combat – Final Fantasy XV

When you grab your copy of Final Fantasy XV, you may be waiting a while before you get to jump into the story, as the game has a pretty lengthy installation process and hefty 8GB day one patch. When you boot up the game after seeing the installation bar complete on you system, you should still see an installation time in the top right corner. This number tells you how many minutes you have to wait until you can start the story.

Luckily, Square Enix has provided players with a fun little area to try out combat while you wait. It’s the only menu option that’ll be highlighted during installation and is called “Open Combat.” This transports you to a giant plaza in Insomnia, where you can fight hordes of goblins. You’ll have three weapons, a fire spell with 99 uses, and a ton of recovery items. So you can fight the little creatures to you heart’s content while the installation time still displays up in the top right.

Once the installation completely finishes, you’ll be given a notice, and can jump back to the main menu. To do this simply hit the start button to bring up a menu and select the return to main menu option. You’ll get a notice about losing unsaved progress but don’t worry about that, as the Open Combat area was just a test. Now you can begin your road trip in Final Fantasy XV, but do note that the Open Combat option will be gone after this.

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