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Final Fantasy XV Install Time and How Big It Is


Final Fantasy XV Install Time and How Big It Is

Install Time / How Big – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is finally out and after a 10-year development cycle, the game will have you wait just one last time before you can finally jump into the action. As with many triple-A titles, Final Fantasy XV will need to install onto your hard drive before you’ll be able to experience its story.

First things first, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got enough space free on your PS4 or Xbox One’s hard drive. While the back of the box may suggest you’ll need 50GB of space free, thanks to additional day-one updates that you’ll need to install, Final Fantasy XV actually clocks in at about 52.88 GB on PS4. The file size should be pretty much the same give or take a few MB.

In terms of install time, Final Fantasy XV can take a while to be all set and ready to go on your system. When installing the game onto the PS4 from a disc, it took us roughly 60 – 80 minutes for the game to finish installing. While you may notice slightly faster speeds when installing on the PS4 Pro, it’s only marginal.

If you’re downloading Final Fantasy XV, do remember that the time it takes for the game to download will depend entirely on your connection speed and signal strength and so times may vary.

For more tips, tricks, and guides for FFXV, be sure to check our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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