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Final Fantasy XV: How to Upgrade the Engine Blade to Get Ultima Blade


Final Fantasy XV: How to Upgrade the Engine Blade to Get Ultima Blade

Easy as pie.

Ultima Blade From Engine Blade – Final Fantasy XV

Noctis’s iconic Engine Blade can be upgraded into an ultimate weapon of sorts fairly early on in the game. In fact, you can get started on the quest as soon as you unlock Cid as a mechanic during the first few chapters. Simply talk to Cid and he’ll tell you that he can upgrade the Engine Blade for you. The first part of the quest will require you to find a Rusted Bit, which is a fairly common material that you can find in the first region of the game. Hand him the Rusted Bit, and Cid will give you the Engine Blade II.

The second part of the quest requires you to find a Glass Gemstone for the next upgrade. This one can be found in Lestallum, as well as the Rock of Ravatogh dungeon near the volcano in Duscae. The dungeon shouldn’t be too hard if you’re around level 28 to 30. Hand him the Glass Gemstone, and Cid will give you the Engine Blade III.

The final part of the quest will have you hunt for a Sturdy Helixhorn. This is a slightly rarer resource, but it can be dropped by the Spiracorn enemies. Head to the Old Lestallum outpost (not to be confused with Lestallum, the city) and take on the hunting job, The Last Spiracorns. Feel free to repeat the hunt until the item drops for you. Take it back to Cid, and he’ll hand over the Ultima Blade.

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