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Final Fantasy XV: How to Use Link Attacks


Final Fantasy XV: How to Use Link Attacks

It’s buddy time!

Final Fantasy XV – Link Attacks

Link attacks are a great way for Noctis to pair up with his comrades and pull off fun combos during enemy confrontations. Of course, these attacks can only be performed if you have at least one other person in your party. Before you can use a link attack, first you have to build up your link gauge with your partners. This is indicated by the green bar that shows up on the left-hand side of your screen. Once it’s filled up, hold the L1 / LB button to see the available link attacks. If you have three other members in your party, there should be three attacks available for you to choose from. While holding L1 / LB, use the directional buttons to select the attack you want to execute.

Once you’ve activated the link attack, you can let go of the L1 /LB button. Some of the attacks will require you to follow up quickly by hitting a button when the prompt appears. If you miss it, you’ll have to build up your gauge again before you can re-attempt the link attack. If you can pull it off, Noctis and his buddy will deal a good amount of damage to your targeted foe.

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