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Final Fantasy XV: How to Upgrade Weapons


Final Fantasy XV: How to Upgrade Weapons

Upgrade Weapons – Final Fantasy XV

There aren’t a ton of weapons in Final Fantasy XV, but a few of the ones you will come across, you can actually upgrade to create something truly powerful. After playing through the first couple of chapters, Cid will gain the ability to upgrade any weapon you own that has a yellow plus sign (+) next to its name.

Head over to Hammerhead and talk to Cid (he’ll be sitting near the garage) and he’ll give you a quest for one of the weapons you own. It simply requires you giving him the material he asks for. Where to find that material is up to you. Once you hand him the material, he’ll hand you your new weapon, which is often much stronger than it was before.

As you progress and get more upgrades for the same weapon, Cid will take more time. Simply camping seems to pass enough time for him to give you your new weapon, or you can just go about your business and return when he calls you if you’re not in any particular rush.

It’s a shame that not every weapon can be upgraded, but the ones that can do end up becoming quite useful. Make use of Cid whenever you can, you’ll be grateful for the boost in power later on, trust us.

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