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Final Fantasy XV: How to Parry Attacks


Final Fantasy XV: How to Parry Attacks

Go for the riposte.

Final Fantasy XV – Parrying Attacks

The combat in Final Fantasy XV isn’t as simple as button-mashing your way to victory. If you take your time to watch your opponent’s moves and attempt to parry them, you’ll have a much easier time winning the engagement. First off, the important thing is to look at your enemy closely and watch for the windup before their attacks. Right before they swing or lunge at you, hit the square button to dodge them, and then follow up with a regular attack.

Do this enough times, and the next time an enemy telegraphs a heavy attack, the game will prompt you to hit the dodge button again. Once you do this, be prepared to hit the attack button to perform a parry. This will allow you to strike back at your opponent, dealing a much larger amount of damage than normal. Going for back or side attacks will also help to open your enemies up for a parry and a riposte, so be sure to keep that in mind. Some foes have a lot of HP, and in such cases, it’ll be much wiser to hang back and wait for a chance to parry instead of rushing them with light attacks.

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