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Final Fantasy XV: How to Drift on a Chocobo and Make Tight Turns


Final Fantasy XV: How to Drift on a Chocobo and Make Tight Turns

Drift – Final Fantasy XV

Chocobos aren’t only used for exploring the world of Final Fantasy XV. You can also use them for racing which is a great way to earn some funds as well as some rewards. Races aren’t just about speed, though, as maneuvering your Chocobo well is very important. The toughest part about riding one of these large birds is making turns. They don’t steer very well, but the developers put in a drift mechanic to make things a little easier on the player.

While moving, hitting L2/LT will cause the Chocobo to lower its body in order to make tighter turns or slide under obstacles. You can quickly change directions this way and even find a way to wiggle yourself into first place during a tough race. It’s interesting to see a bird drift, and we’re not entirely sure why the car can’t do it, but at least it works well.

You can drift while sprinting or while just trotting, but it won’t help you if you’re already in the air and it won’t do anything if you’re standing still. Drifting doesn’t consume your stamina, so use it as much as you want.

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